Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why I should really probably not use temporary spray-on pink hair dye again

1. It gets all over EVERYTHING. My Mrs. Lovett costume (made out of thrift store buys) has a shirt with a neck stained pink. (I'm aware Mrs. Lovett doesn't have pink hair, but I wanted it! I also have glow in the dark fingernails.)

2. It kinda sticks in my hair. A lot. Even after washing. I tested it earlier with just pink streaks in my hair and they didn't wash out, but stayed purple instead. This time, when I went all over pink, I washed my hair as soon as I was out of costume with two different shampoos- and hopefully it gets out. But I'm not necessarily counting on it.

3. When I'm washing it out of my hair, I totally feel I'm in some trippy remake of Carrie where the pig's blood is hot fluorescent pink. It's just like- sheets of colored liquid pouring over your shoulders and spraying everywhere. Very very weird feeling.

4. I just looked in the mirror and it looks like some of the pink dye dripped down my face without me really noticing- though I tried to get it off- I now have pale pink drip markings below my nose and lip.

Why I probably will use it again anyways

1. It's SO awesome to have pink hair
2. I'm far too sensible to actually dye it pink permanently right now. I like having no problem getting jobs because of my appearance. But that sucks- because I would totally dye my hair hot manic panic pink if I were a little more daring.

Oh well.

Happy Halloween!



Jimmy Rogers said...

Did you have a Sweeny Todd to accompany you?

Hyperbole Girl said...

indeed i did. Aram was Sweeney Todd- gloriously outfitted with a white streak in his hair (baby powder and gel) and a white dress shirt splattered with "blood".