Thursday, November 13, 2008

I don't know if anyone's interested in this at all-

But here's a link to all the pictures I've taken while working for

Some of them are ones I'm really proud of (my photography skills have improved soo much!), but because I don't actually own the copyrights to the photos I take for them, I can't really post them here without a big legal headache (I work for them still so I'm trying to avoid that...).

There's a ton of them- I wrote most of the captions except for some of the really early ones. I'm very amused that my bosses used some of my more descriptive ones personifying scarecrows and such.

Some of my favorite pics-

  • I really love some of my recent "food porn" pics of apples and peppers and such. Those are great fun.
  • Love the pics from Barktoberfest- some of those dogs were just darling.
  • Although it was really stressful at the time taking pictures of minors and dealing with all the permission slips, I really am happy with how the photos I took at the free physicals for kids event came out. Kids are so expressive and some of them just came out beautifully.
  • The Loudoun County Fair was so much fun to cover- I have lots of pics of barnyard animals and the kiss a pig contest and stuff, but I think I like my photos from the pageant the best- the girls were so dressed up but so used to being on a farm that they were just laughing as they walked across like, wood chips in high heels.
  • I got a great shot of a bird for a story about the opening of a free flight aviary- It took like half an hour of constant snapping to get any decent photos of the blasted things but once I got it, it looked awesome- a total hero shot.
  • OMG The pictures I took of the skateboarder came out so well. Action photos what what?
  • I loved the photo gallery I did of a potter at his wheel- I thought I did a decent job of varying the picture angles so it didn't get too boring.
Oh hell, I just loved almost all the pictures I took this summer. I don't know how much that job did for my writing clips (I got some good ones, but mostly in entertainment stuff, not the news I love) but it did WONDERS for my photo portfolio. By the time I started really covering the election I was totally ready to go and take pics at all the events I went to. And some of those came out really amazing. I actually had a Japanese magazine "English Zone" use one of my photos in their publication.

Linkage if anyone's interested- they lead to fun slideshows on Photoshop Express.

The McCain/Palin Rally in Fairfax

The Obama/Biden Rally in Fredericksburg

Oh and pictures from my brother's wedding- woot.


GypsyLaKat (Missy) said...

So are you from Lucketts? (I just noticed a lot of yours were from the Northern end... Farmer Johns, and Temple Hall) I grew up out there..

Hyperbole Girl said...

No, I actually live in Fairfax. I'm originally from Texas. That day on the tour I picked a few places in the same general area to take pictures of.