Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random Thoughts

  • I have so much extra stuff from a Halloween makeup kit I bought that Aram and I only used the fake blood from (for our Sweeney Todd/Mrs. Lovett costumes). Let me know if you want anything of the following: fake blood (there's more of it), liquid latex, assorted sponges, a wheel of white, black, and green makeup, or fake blood capsules (to like put in your mouth and bite). Also have- most of a can of temporary pink hair dye and maybe half of a container of glow in the dark nail polish. On second thought, I'm keeping that last one. : )
  • Twitter is addicting.
  • I don't even know how I'm going to pack for living in London for four months. I'm trying to limit myself to two suitcases and my computer (it's getting shipped). I'll also probably have a backpack of carry on stuff. How am I going to bring clothes and shoes for January through May in that? I'm thinking- lots of layered basics and fun small accessories that make 'any outfit' new.
  • I bought a German book. I plan to start learning it now- there's a really awesome Fulbright scholarship for journalism students that sends them abroad to study and work for a newspaper for ten months in Germany. I would love to do that. One catch? Have to be fluent in German. Yup. Thus I'm trying to learn German.
  • I think once I launch Fourpointreport.com (there's nothing there yet)- I'm going to try to translate/write one blog a day in German or Spanish. It would be really good for me to kick my ass into drive on this whole- getting more fluent in Spanish thing (I can actually read it pretty well, I just don't know enough words- I was flipping through Harry Potter y la camara de secretos today and doing okay.) Plus, well, for above reasons, I really want to learn German. Plus it would be fun and a good incentive to learn it all. It would go with the whole 'traveling is awesome' theme.
  • I'm tired- but I'm really bad at going to sleep at night because I get so distracted by everything. Like for example, right now I really want to go look up possible vests, scarfs, or suit jackets on etsy for me to wear in London, obsessively check The Guild website to see if episode 1 of season 2 is up yet, and check all my web comics. Instead, I think I'm going to very much try to go study my German book instead and learn the alphabet. Much more productive. Just after checking to see how high my story on LoudounExtra.com today got on the view meter.

Nighty night-


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