Monday, November 17, 2008

Things that piss me off

I will try to make this a list of actually constructive observations rather than just a rant of things I'm mad about. Stay with me if my massive inner neuroses come out during this post.

1. I was looking forward to the end of the election, but oh man, now I am so bored. I feel like I have nothing to work on except homework. I am seriously such a workaholic that I need to work on something media-ish, productive, or social soon or I will go crazy.

So- does anyone want to do a fun documentary with me? Or give me ideas of things to blog about? I think I may start doing a series of small comedic shorts just to give me something to do.

(Okay so that wasn't actually something I was mad about- maybe I should change the title of this post to "things that drive rachael crazy")

2. Jean shopping at Target is hell. Let's put it this way- according to them, I wear a size 6 or 8 in women's, but a size 13 in juniors. WTH? Is the store TRYING to make teenagers anorexic? I know it's supposed to be a different sizing system but holy crap, it's not supposed to be THAT different.
And I'm not even going to get into to how annoying it is for a 5'2" woman, technically only 2 inches below the standard lady height, to have to constantly try on jeans that go a good four to five inches past your heels. I got two new pairs of jeans- time to go to the tailors (or wear boots this week, which isn't a good idea since I have a new ankle tattoo).

3. Time is passing too slow. I want to get to winter break and my 21st birthday and London already. I plan to start up soon (after I have a chance to design and set it up with Aram's help)- I can't wait. I seriously have all sorts of ideas for it- think lots of videos, witty observations, photos, and features throughout the day. It's going to be awesome.

4. I absolutely postively hate having to wait for job application responses. I got one from the Austin American-Statesman (no- we had 200 people apply for 4 positions and guess what! you weren't one of the 4), but I know I won't hear anything from Dallas Morning News for months and probably won't hear anything else from the other places I'm applying to for months. And that's just for summer internships. The impending London spring internship still hasn't been determined and it's driving me crazy not to be able to tell people where I'm going to work.
I'm totally scared that I'm going to end up at like, the hobo express or something, cranking out stories from behind a cardboard box in downtown London. It would make a great story, but a sucky semester.

5. Family drama sucks.

6. Harp drama sucks.

7. Homework sucks.

8. On the upside, I got some more ADD medicine. So I'm a bit steadier now- not thinking about depressing thoughts all day (despite appearances from this post).

9. And earrings from Etsy rock. I'm getting obsessed. I might've splurged a little (like less than $20 little) and bought some really cute earrings in the shape of devil rubber duckies, fireman's hats, and tomato soup cans! I'm going to look so very crazy and it's going to be excellent.

10. Someone told me I looked French when I was at a Sbarro's in New York with Aram. Actually it was more like, "Are you French?" I was flattered, but slightly confused (I don't speak a word of French except for like, bonjour). Natalia's theory? That I dress "artsy."
It occurred to me the other day when I was experimenting with a black vest and belt over various dresses that she might be right. Plus the earring crazy thing probably fits in with that too.
Oh whatever- at least I won't ever look boring. I would make an excellent celebrity.

So I guess this list turned into something positive? The wonders of blogging.

Here's what I plan to do this week to get me out of post-election-depression rut:

Write and film a comedic short
Film myself playing rock harp
Film pieces on campus life and put them up on c2m or youtube
Have an adventure!

Excellent. Go time.


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